Food if you need it!

St Michael’s Church, Newquay, thanks to the dedication of volunteers and various Charities offers food if you want to eat as follows:

Sunday at 12.30 (Little Sparrows)

Monday at 4.30pm (Little Sparrows)

Tuesday at 4.30PM (DISC – Drop in and Share)

Wednesday at 4.30 (SNAK)

Thursday its not at Church but in the Newquay Centre further along St Michael’s Road with Beth and Soul Food

Friday is Food Bank at St Michael’s Church from 10 to 12 noon

Saturday at 4.30pm (SNAK)

The folks volunteering their time will offer sandwiches, soup and hot drinks.

If you need to eat – come and meet –

(As at August 2017)


Street Pastors in Newquay

Today, Saturday 29th April the Street Pastors will be visible from about 11am to 2pm and promoting their ministry for and on the streets of Newquay.

Christian folk from many denominations offering ministry to all and any enjoying the night life of Newquay (Street Pastors usually minister from 10pm to 3am)

Bishop Tim will be offering his support today and joining the Pastors from about 11.30am

We start at the NCC, via St Michael’s and then into town.

Come and say hello!



Sunday 30th April 2017 – 5th Sunday in the month

Service at St Michael’s at 08.30 – Holy Communion

There is no main service this week at 10.30 – we join our friends at the Bishop’s School and worship together with the Methodist gathering with St Columb and St Colan church families too.

See you there…….

The Bishop’s C of E Learning Academy, Treninnick Hill, Newquay. TR7 2SR

Art Installations

Come and see the two beautiful art exhibits by students of the University at Falmouth.

Two stunning pieces – Crucifixion (The feet of Christ) – and – Love Thy Neighbour

With thanks to Eugenie and Joe for allowing us to show their work.


Sunday 16th April – Easter Day

  • 07.45 am – Easter Holy Communion, St Columb Minor.
  • 08.30 am Easter Holy Communion, St Michaels
  • 09.30 am Easter Sung Eucharist – St Colan
  • 10.30 am Easter Sung Eucharist – St Michael’s
  • 11 am – Easter Sung Eucharist – St Columb Minor
  • 6 pm – Sung Evensong and Benediction, St Michael’s